bikes & support

At Siem Reap Dirt Bike Tours, we pride ourselves on keeping the customers happy. This of course includes keeping our fleet of motorcycles in tip top condition. We service our bikes every day, have a workshop full of spares and local mechanics working around the clock. We customize our bikes to make them most comfortable for you, from ride height to bars and levers. 

Very rarely we have a problem we cannot fix while out on the trails. If there is a problem, not to worry! We tow a spare bike around with our support vehicle. Our guides are very experienced in 'bush mechanics' and carry all the necessary tools to completely strip down a bike in the jungle, if need be. 


The ktm fleet



One of the most popular 'full on' enduro bikes and they're here in Cambodia. These bikes have harder more plush suspension, way more power, higher ride heights and feel a lot more aggressive than the standard Honda XR's. These bikes are really only suitable for the more experienced riders.



The main bike of our fleet is the 400. Simply swing a leg over one and you'll start to understand what all the fuss is about. It has the smooth and clean feel of a motocross bike and a spike of power to put a smile on your face when you give the throttle a twist. It's easier to regulate wheelspin and improve drive. This has its advantages when climbing ugly hills and those tight, tricky sections in hard enduro terrain.



For the guys that want a bit more power!


" 525EXC is clearly not for the bush-riding novice, but once you've mastered the basics, the big KTM will be doing everything it can to make you look good. And hose your mates into the bargain. Get stuck hard into it and it'll wheelie in just about any gear, but ride it a bit more sedately and it's surprisingly civilised for something with so much potential for mayhem and destruction."





small moto's

YAMAHA TT-R 230, 125L & 90


The ideal bikes for the ladies and teenagers! Very light and easily fast enough to keep up with the big bikes. They have a much lower ride height than the KTM's, Most people can touch their feet on the ground which can really help in the trails. A very comfortable ride! 

support Vehicle

4X4 Support Vehicle

For normal tours where only luggage and equipment are carried we use a Mitsubishi Montero. If you require your family or friends to meet you on the way there may be a small charge for passengers accommodation if an extra rooms are required. Fuel and the driver is included in the price. 


The 4x4 is free with tours of more than 5 riders. We tow a motorbike trailer with spare bikes and tools.  


$150 Per Day Per Vehicle