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7 day enduro going from Siem Reap, staying in Preah Khan, Stun Treng, Banlung, Mondolkiri, Snoul  and riding down the Mekong finishing in Phnom Penh. Covering all types of arena's, rocky high trails to low and sandy rural areas, crossing rivers and dry river beds and witnessing the Khmer culture first hand. Truly  a ride I will never forget and a definite eye opener 

Tour guide Sophal was awesome and owners Richard & Phila! 

Dean Clarke - Broome, WA

Richard slotted me in for a 1 day ride with Sophal just before they went off on a 1 week tour.
It was a great day & a stunning way to discover the amazing country that surrounds Siem Reap.  From flat grasslands & low bushy shrub through undulating semi rural farming areas to SE Asian jungle & National Park fringes, lakes & a host of differing terrain to navigate.
It would have to be one of if not the best ‘enduro’ type bike rides I have ever experienced, so many different challenges from soft sand, mud, water, hill climbs to balancing on tree trunks to navigate rivers with fallen bridges. Sophal was always checking to ensure I overcome what ever hazard correctly & would show how to best navigate the different scenarios we discovered.

He always asked if I was comfortable to try something before we proceeded


– Some video’s to view of the day

These videos were made possible thanks to Richard as my GoPro Camera clip had broken only days before arriving in Cambodia (unable to purchase a replacement) however Richard just so happened to have one available on one of his helmets.  So I was able to simply click my camera housing onto his helmet & record most of the days events.
I travelled lightly so having all the riding & safety gear provided for by Siem Reap Dirt Bikes was a blessing – I’ll definitely go again, very memorable day.  A friend who travelled with me to Cambodia watched the video’s and was kicking himself for not going with me...

Steve Staines - Sunshine Coast Australia

"One of the best holiday adventures I've ever been on. 2011 was our second visit to Cambodia and our second tour of duty with Siem Reap Dirt Bikes. We spent a week riding out of Phnom Penh all the way north to Mondrulkiri and then back down through Preah Vihear province into Siem Reap. The bikes are always maintained and Richard & Sopal are great guys to hit the tracks with. See you again next year and for many years to come"


Michael Vinodolac - Gold Coast Australia

"Wow Cambodia was amazing and it was so good to get out and do a more activity / adventure based holiday. For the past few years I've usually done the beach vacation but a dirt bike tour of the remote parts of Cambodia was off the charts!. I had such a great time with my guides Richard & Sophal, fun riding, cold beer and some amazing food!. See you again next year and much thanks for the eye opening experience."


Ross Gonano - Brisbane Australia

"This has been an awesome holiday that will change the way I travel from here on in. I grew up with dirt bikes as a kid but this trip around Cambodia has reignited my love for biking and travelling differently. Thanks again for a great holiday adventure I will be back for sure."




Damian Parkinson - Gold Coast Australia

“My wife and I had a great day with the crew at Siem Reap Dirt Bike Tours.  It was very casual and reasonably priced but professional which is something I really appreciate. 


Rich and Sophal were extremely friendly and set us at ease right away.  Neither my wife or I had a ton of experience on dirt bikes so we were a little concerned, but our guide Sophal was able to evaluate our experience level and take us on a tour that was unforgettable. 


We really enjoyed the riding as well as getting to know Sophal as he explained the fascinating country of Cambodia to us.  At the end of the day we were covered in red dirt and tired but smiling.  Thanks for a great experience guys.”


Delaney and Beverly Frye - Bremerton, WA USA

"On a trip to Siem Reap I was looking around for motocross bike hire and located Siem Reap Dirt Bikes".


After a quick phone call with Richard I went out to meet the team at Richards place and was welcomed with a cool glass of water and a tour of the bikes in his well set up shed.


A range of excellent bikes all lined up (modern WR250F Yamahas and my favourite the Honda XR250R and XR400R) and heaps of quality helmets, boots, knee/elbow guards and riding gear (in all sizes). All brand gear.


They normally book minimum numbers but due to my short stay Richard was more than happy for a 1 day tour with just me and Sophal.


Funds paid (only asked for a deposit ... but I paid in full knowing I was dealing with professionals)


Next morning I was picked up from my accommodation and arrived at Richards to pick up bike and gear.


Then straight out the gate into Cambodia suburbs... then all the sudden we were in villages/country in what seemed like minutes.


Next thing - riding at full pace rushing through villages with kids waving and through farmland towards the jungle and forests.


Sophal took it easy with the pace at first and then realised that I was able to keep up so then it was on. Hours of fast pace riding through some of the wonderful country side and mountains, lots of jumps, water crossings, sand trails (in plantations) and village after village whizzing by.


We visited temples (as seen in Tomb Raider) and Sophal shared his knowledge of all the hidden treasures that Siem Reap has to offer as well as a few stories of the dark past of Pol Pot and sadly some family and friends who were lost during that regime.


A quick stop for lunch at a local restaurant with larb, curry and ice cold beer went down well on a hot day.


Then back on the bike for another half day of touring (semi-racing) and excellent fun.


A massive hill climb all the way to top of a mountain (Sophal asked first if I was confident enough as it was a tricky and fast climb.... no problems!!!). From top we could see Angkor Wat and just 100metres away we chatted to Cambodian Army troops who were stationed on the mountain side (with a large mortar cannon under a tarp ) .


We gave them a couple of US dollars as thanks for showing us their military gear and then off down the hill ... (make sure you have your game face on ... this is serious hill climb and hill descent).


Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life and I am aiming to get over there for a 7 or 14 day trail ride up to Thailand border.


I recommend Siem Reap Dirt Bikes to anyone wishing to go out on quality bikes with quality gear and an experienced team who will look after you.


Even though they have done this thousands of times they make you feel like you are the very first customer.


End of day I was dropped back at my accommodation still buzzing from a full on day of riding ...(I tried to convince my girlfriend to let me go out the next day!! unsuccessfully).


Great work guys ... will be back again in 2012 hopefully!.




Craig Harris Director


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