Tour dates

If any of these dates do not suit you, do not hesitate to send us an email to work out a time that works for the both of us!  

If you prefer longer day trip, we can tailor make a trip up to 15 days to suit your schedule!

2018 open for booking

January 2018 


22nd - 26th Jan  Remote temple 5days


10% off to book the seats. 


30th/ Jan - 03rd/Feb Remote temple 5days


10% Off to book the seats 



February 2018



13th - 17th February Northern Eduro trail 4days


Rooms are available 


Cadamom national park and Southern coast 


22nd - 28th February Cadamom and beach relax 7days 



March 2018 



10% off to reserve the room at below date 


4th - 8th March Remote temple 5days 



April 2018



7th - 11th April Northern Enduro trail 4days 


Seats are available.  


22nd - 26th April Remote temple 5days



May 2018 - Wet season challenge 



7th - 9th May Northern Enduro trail 4days 


Seats available. 10% discount for 3+ registration  



October - Wet season challenge 



3rd - 7th October Remote temple 5days


Book now to get 10% discount for first 3 registers. 



November 2018 Open challenge 10 days Cambodia - Lao 



22nd/Nov - 1st/Dec Cambodia - Lao challenge 10days 


Seats available.